About dR. Sam Gerstein...

I started my career as a medical doctor in Emergency Medicine, treating patients with many physical pains and illnesses. After many years I began to see a significant number of these the physical symptoms were precipitated or worsened by work stress.

That's when I became interested in work stress - we spend more time at work than almost anything else in life yet work stress and work mismatch is pervasive. I figured we must be doing something wrong.

Over the course of 3 and a half years, I studied entrepreneurs who were happy at work to uncover their secrets and published 40 of the best stories in my book, Live Your Dreams: Doctor's Orders where I share with others how they can begin doing it too.

I then completely switched my work life to focus on helping entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-at-heart manage their work stress, change their limiting beliefs and modify their self-sabotaging behaviour to discover, start and optimize their own custom-fit business.

I know this is my custom-fit business because I am just as passionate about it now as i was when I switched 12 years ago.

I am married to a wonderful wife and have two great boys and our dog, Bella.

I enjoy African drumming, coaching hockey and reading consciousness-raising books.

Dr. Sam

My passion is helping entrepreneurs find theirs!

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