About my dream...

My Dream Project

Create online group coaching and mastery courses to help frustrated professionals leave dissatisfying jobs and start their own Dream Businesses

What I want

Help thousands of people transform themselves from walking around asleep, subservient to their old fear-based conditioning that hijacks them on a daily basis at work to waking up their inner True Self part and begin to express their innate talents, gifts and strengths in an exciting entrepreneurial adventure in their Dream Business.

Why I want it

Before Covid 19, one of the largest covert contributors to stress worldwide was work stress. Believing that slaving away at work & hating your job is “normal” is one of the world’s biggest myths. This has led to much unnecessary struggle, mental anguish and physical pain and illness.

There is another way. Helping people find their passions and start their Dream Business can dramatically decrease stress and is available to all living in a relatively free economy. Plus, it can have a positive impact on their mental and physical health.

In addition, waking up to one’s True Self will lead to less frustration, anger and envy and more inner peace and compassion to others. People will shift from competitive to collaborative mindsets because True Self is creative. Instead of the narrow-minded individual who tries to grab a bigger slice of their market’s “pie”, people’s True Self looks for ways to increase the size of the “pie” and share with others.

After hearing about the traumas my parents endured in their childhood and witnessing the sacrifices they made for me and my siblings, I feel this is my way of giving back to the world, to help people avoid needless suffering and wake up to what is possible in themselves.  

What Success looks like…

  • Thousands of people understand their higher and best self – I call it their 'True Self'
  • People use the Work Stress Mastery program to start managing their biggest, often unseen, blind spots, often for the first time in their lives.
  • People stop sabotaging their own success with old disempowering patterns
  • I have an online group coaching program that supports my online courses and answers any questions people have in the program
  • I hire others who show superior understanding of the concepts in this program and leadership skills to also conduct group coaching
  • People use the flagship course to begin tapping into their True Self’s passion and purpose to uncover their own unique Dream Business.
  • People can finally start making a blueprint to leave dissatisfying and stress-inducing jobs
  • People can start their Dream Business and begin to fully express their unique talents, gifts and creativity with the world.
  • People find that when they are doing what they love, they can not only be more content and rejuvenated, but they are often more productive and earn more income.
  • It accelerates my reputation as an outside-the-box creative business strategy coach
  • This sets a new paradigm for work
  • Members are so enthused by the new possibilities in their lives that they happily refer friends to the program

Well Formed Outcome:

If I don’t do it …

  • I continue to help people in my private practice but without the impact this could have for thousands of dissatisfied professionals.
  • I continue to feel stymied because I couldn’t find people with a passion for and an expertise in sales and marketing, (THEIR own Dream businesses) who believe in this mission and who are very motivated to move this Dream forward in their own creative ways.

If I do it…

  • I help thousands of disgruntled professionals with a win-win-win proposition, to awaken their True Self to…
  • Effectively manage their work stress in a deep way
  • Use their innate ‘Feelings Compass’ to guide them to their Dream Business and feel more excited and energized than they ever felt before at work and
  • offer their products and services to serve others in an authentic and purposeful way
  • This is my purpose, my Dharma and my contribution to the world - to wake people up from their semi-comatose states; to help them see what they can't see so they can return to their True Self and be who they were born to be.

Uncover Your Business Blind Spots and Unleash Your Potential

Dr. Sam Gerstein

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